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Born into care in Scotland: Circumstances, recurrence and pathways

This newly publish Government report was commissioned to understand more about the circumstances in which removal of babies shortly after birth takes place in Scotland, and the work undertaken with parents to prevent separation where possible, and the children’s pathways and permanence outcomes. Findings highlight the vulnerabilities of, and the significant difficulties faced, by families involved in the care system. Read the full report here.

SSA: Addictions Edited podcast

A naloxone special episode of the Society for the Study of Addiction’s ‘Addictions Edited’ podcast has been released which include a discussion on how naloxone works, how to administer it, the law and the latest research behind the medication. The speakers talk about the role of naloxone in reducing drug-related deaths in the UK and the implications for drug policy. Listen here.

Scotland becomes third Early Career Researcher Network hub in British Academy pilot

The British Academy has announced that the third hub of its Early Career Researcher Network will be in Scotland, co-led by the University of Glasgow and University of Stirling. The network is a two year pilot programme for UK-based humanities and social science researchers. Find out more here.

Mental Health and Substance Use Tayside Pathfinder Programme newsletter

The Mental Health and Substance Use Pathfinder Programme has recently launched an integrated newsletter. The project aims to improve care and support pathways for people with mental health, alcohol and drug use support needs. Over the next year, the team will be working with people who have lived experience of mental health and substance use, and with services that provide treatment, care and support in Tayside. This months newsletter includes contributions from:

  • Rachel King, Senior Strategic Planning Advisor and Programme Lead
  • Dr Seonaid Anderson, Consultant Addictions Psychiatrist and Advisory Group member
  • The Project Team, a chance to find out who does what in the programme
  • Elizabeth Brookes, Senior Service Design Advisor

Access the full newsletter via Sway here.

Needle Exchange Surveillance Initiative

This newly publish report highlights the findings of the Needle Exchange Surveillance Initiative which aimed to measure and monitor the prevalence of blood born viruses – hepatitis C and HIV – and injecting risk behaviours among people who inject drugs (PWID) in Scotland. The latest report presents results from Scotland across seven surveys undertaken between 2008-2020, as well as NHS health board level surveys from 2019-2020. Access the full report here.

Long-acting Injectable Buprenorphine for Opioid Substitution Therapy

Based on the results of a pilot study on the use of Buvidal in Scottish prisons, Healthcare Improvement Scotland have published a statement regarding the administration of Buvidal for opioid substitution therapy in settings within NHS Scotland. The full statement can be accessed here.

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