Annual Conference 2024 – Parallel Sessions

Parallel Sessions

Insights and Strategies to Addressing Substance Use chaired by Peter Hillen

Jen Boyd
Introducing the SHARPS Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial: A Study to Assess the Impact and Cost-effectiveness of a Peer Navigator Intervention for People Experiencing Homelessness and Substance Use Problems

Danilo Falzon
Needs Assessment and Feasibility Study for a Safer Drug Consumption Facility in Edinburgh

Jessica Greenhalgh
See Beyond – See the Lives – Scotland: The Development of an Anti-stigma Campaign for Families Affected by Drug and Alcohol Deaths in Scotland

Josh Dumbrell
Information Needs Relating to Residential Rehabilitation: Findings from a National Survey

Exploring New Avenues for Recovery and Support chaired by Anna Ross

Anna Ross
Psychedelics in Scotland

Graeme Callander
Intensive Pre and Post Residential Support Service

Sarah Donaldson
What Can We Learn from Hepatitis C Care to Keep People Alive?

Samantha Stewart
Identifying and Preventing Burnout in the Drug and Alcohol Workforce

Navigating Drug Policy and Societal Impact chaired by Jonathan Brett

Yuejiao Duan
How Has Economic Evidence Contributed to Illicit Drug Policy? A Systematic Review of Methodologies and Implications for Decision Making

Gabriele Vojt
Co-use of Benzodiazepines and Opioids in the UK: A Qualitative Study on Motivations for and Patterns of Co-use, and Overdose Prevention Behaviours

Sally Amor & Kelly Taylor
Lessons Learnt: A Bromazolam-related incident within a Scottish Prison

Wez Steele
Working to Decriminalise People Who Use Drugs: Learning from Decriminalisation Efforts in 5 International Jurisdictions

Utilising Data and Technology for Public Health Solutions chaired by Margaret Whoriskey

Margaret Whoriskey
Overview of Digital Lifelines Scotland

Hadi Daneshvar
Addressing Drug-Related Harms Through Digital Technology: Lessons from the Here4U Scotland App Implementation

Kasey Claborn
Using Data to Inform Community Overdose Response among Harm Reduction and Community Outreach Programs

Shona Shinwell
An Exploration of Women’s Antenatal Substance Use in Scotland Between 2010 and 2022

Louise Marryat
Hidden in Plain Sight: Using Administrative Data to Conduct a Longitudinal Cohort Study of Children Exposed to Opioids in Pregnancy

Iver Forsyth & Lucy Fraser
Highland Housing First Service Review

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