The DRNS aims to encourage research, practice and policy to improve our understanding of, and responses to, drug problems in Scotland.

We have created DRNS membership to exchange knowledge, and make links between people who would like to be informed about and involved in this work. Membership is free and open to anyone with an interest in Scottish drugs research, especially people currently involved, or planning to get involved, in research.

We are particularly keen to support the professional development of the emerging drugs research community including Masters and PhD students, Early Career Researchers, and Peer Researchers. Many people with an interest in drugs research are working across Scotland, often in isolation from each other. We will engage with members to identify and address their skills and career development needs. Established academics are also welcome to join to develop their professional networks and join collaborative teams working on research bids and projects.

Thank you for your interest in joining and we look forward to working with you.

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Members of DRNS get:

  • Early-bird access to DRNS events, training, and conferences.

  • Intranet space for our members, tailored to your needs. It includes spaces for project teams to store their information, and for budding researchers to connect with each other and find out about the research career pathway.

  • Access to archive information, such as papers DRNS has been involved with and past events.

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