DRNS Information Session: Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

27th April 2022, 1pm-2:15pm

About the event

On the 27th April 2022, 1pm-2:15pm, DRNS is hosting an online information session discussing psychedelic-assisted therapy within substance use treatment. The event will include a presentation on the subject by Dr James Hawkins and Dr Jake Hawthorn, as well as an opportunity for Q&A.

The talk will summarise the current evidence on the effectiveness of psychedelic-assisted treatments for drug related problems. Ketamine, MDMA, ayahuasca and psilocybin have all been studied for at least some of alcohol, nicotine, cocaine, cannabis and opioid use disorders. As so often, this emerging research generates as many questions as answers, so the presenters will also consider areas in this field that it would be fascinating and helpful to research further.

We hope this talk will offer people a chance to become further involved in keeping up-to-date with emerging evidence, through the Psychedelic Health Professionals Network, as well as those who may wish to get involved in conducting research with the Scottish Psychedelic Research Group.

About the presenters

James Hawkins works as an independent integrative psychotherapist with an interest in both helping to decrease distress and also increase wellbeing. He is intrigued and hopeful about the increasing evidence that psychedelics can be helpful in a range of difficult-to-treat problems including trauma and addictions. He is up-to-date with emerging research and has also help to initiate the new Psychedelic Health Professionals Network to support other health workers who are interested in this field.

Jake Hawthorn is a speciality doctor in addiction psychiatry, working at the Harm Reduction Team in NHS Lothian. He is studying for a Masters in Contemporary Drug and Alcohol Studies at the University of the West of Scotland. He has long been interested in the therapeutic potential of psychedelic-assisted therapy and in 2021 helped to found the Scottish Psychedelic Research Group, with the goal of setting up a clinical research trial in Scotland.

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