Research Updates – W/C 08/08/2022

ipad and papers showing graphs

Regional variation in longitudinal trajectories of primary care opioids prescribing across Health Boards in Scotland

This study published in Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology aimed to describe the longitudinal trajectory of opioid prescribing at the practice level and associated factors, including Health boards and socioeconomic status. The authors found that increasing opioid utilisation over time related to deprived socioeconomic status associated with chronic pain conditions and inequality in pain services. Access the paper here.

Drug use behaviours, trauma, and emotional affect following the overdose of a social network member

Another study published in the International Journal of Drug Policy aimed to characterise drug use behaviours of individuals following the overdose of someone in their social network. The authors findings suggest a need for enhanced investment in network-based overdose prevention interventions, as well as more robust integration of bereavement support and mental health services in settings that serve people who use drugs. Read the study here.

Categories: News & BlogPublished On: August 12, 2022

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