Blog contributions

Journal papers, conferences presentations/posters, and study reports are how research is often communicated, but to have a wider conversation about the field, blog posts can be useful. There are many things that posts might cover, for instance:

  • Views on research that has been published
  • Hopes for research that needs to take place
  • Information about a great field-specific book you’ve written or read
  • Reports about events that have recently taken place
  • Sharing what you do during your working day

DRNS has already published posts from a range of people on a variety of topics, including a series on ‘the importance of evidence’. We will continue to publish articles that we think are of interest to the community, and we hope you continue to enjoy them.

If you have an idea for a blog/vlog/podcast or a series of blogs/vlogs/podcasts that you’d like to see on our website, check out the author guidelines and get in touch with us.