Enquiries welcomed

Get in touch with the DRNS team if you are looking for advice, information, and how to get in touch with people in the field. We have limited resources which means we cannot always help directly, but we will try to signpost you to somebody that can help.

Website, intranet and newsletter

This website hosts a range of information including blogs, news items relating to the field, and information about upcoming events, here.

Membership offers further information via the DRNS intranet.

You can sign-up to receive a regular newsletter, containing information about emerging research/papers, upcoming events relating to the field, calls to participate in research and news items.

Providing information for policymakers

DRNS can suggest academics and/or individuals with lived/living experience who would be able to provide appropriate expertise to any new or existing special interest/working groups or provide input for policy efforts relating to drug use.

DRNS can source evidence reviews that our members may have done but may not be published (e.g. as part of a thesis) to avoid duplication of effort.