Scottish drug & alcohol strategy

Rights, respect and recovery cover imageOn 28/11/2018 the Scottish Government published Rights, Respect and Recovery, a new, combined drug and alcohol strategy that takes a public health approach to preventing and reducing alcohol and drug use, harm and related deaths.

In this document, the Scottish Government state:

“We recognise the importance of the role evidence plays in developing both practice and policy decisions; the Drugs Research Network Scotland and the Scottish Alcohol Research Network provide a co-ordinated link to the wealth of research and expertise in this area.  This strategy will support the ongoing development of shared priorities for these networks and those working in service planning and delivery.” (p.37)

The DRNS and Scottish Government are tasked to work in partnership to review and update the Scottish National Research Framework for Problem Drug Use and Recovery first published in 2015.

We welcome publication of this document and look forward to working with policy-makers, practitioners, academics, people with lived/living experience of problem drug use and their families, to progress this agenda.

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