RESULT: the addiction outcomes website

RESULT stands for the Routine Evaluation of Substance Use and Lifestyle Treatment.  It is a web-based toolkit of resources about assessing addiction problems and following progress in overcoming them.  RESULT was developed by Consultant Addiction Psychiatrist Dr Duncan Raistrick and Addiction Psychologist and trainer Dr Gillian Tober.

RESULT provides tools, measures and information for:

  • People worried about their substance use / other addiction to assess whether they may have a problem and what they can do about it.
  • People with an addiction problem who wish to self-direct their journey out of addiction and develop their own recovery programme.
  • Those in addiction treatment who want to assess and improve their relationship with their care provider.
  • People in recovery who want to keep a longer-term record of their progress and areas for development.
  • Partners, friends and family members of someone with a problem who need guidance on how to care for their loved one and themselves.
  • Practitioners who wish to reflect on and improve their therapeutic skills.
  • Students and researchers to improve their understanding of key concepts and scales used to measure the scale of addiction problems and people’s progress to recovery.

The site contains detailed information on several scales used to assess addiction problems.  People in recovery and those who seek to support them can improve their understanding of which tools are most appropriate, what they measure, what the results mean, and how they can be used to support people into and throughout their recovery.

It is encouraging that people with a drug problem are able to access tools to understand their own addiction and their recovery journey.  This can assist people who are in structured treatment and those who are managing their own self-directed route to recovery.  It is also helpful that people can rate the quality of the relationship (working alliance) with their psychologist / psychiatrist – proving valuable information to hep improve the quality of their care and outcomes of therapy.

RESULT can be accessed at:

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