Law Enforcement, Drugs & Harm Reduction event

Fri 18 and Sat 19 Oct, Edinburgh

DRNS is pleased to support the 5th international consultation event on Law Enforcement, Drugs and Harm Reduction.

This event is organised by the global ‘Law Enforcement and HIV Network’ and has a specific focus on substance use issues for individuals, communities and societies. These Consultations bring together police, health agencies, NGOs and affected communities to discuss and address critical issues confronting people who use drugs and police and others working in the area. The Consultations produce outputs which are useful for education, advocacy and policy development.

The programme includes Scottish and global perspectives on:

  • Pathways to decriminalization, and the role of police in this.
  • Responses to opioid overdoses, including drug consumption rooms and naloxone availability.
  • Managing amphetamine-affected people who present with aggression.
  • The police role in the HIV response: International AIDS Society police brief.

As well as colleagues from Police Scotland, registrations are encouraged from local members of affected communities and civil society organisations. The cost for the two days is £35. For more information and to book your place, visit

Law Enforcement, Drugs & Harm Reduction

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